Save your memory!

We all have bouts of forgetfulness, but are you curious what could be behind your memory loss?  Here are a few tips: Check your medicine cabinet, fridge, even your purse! This might surprise you, but some over the counter or prescription medications may contribute to your memory loss, but don’t just stop taking them, check with your doctor to see if your drugs could be causing your memory issues and if you can discontinue them

Stress could be a factor! Find some time to relax and unwind everyday. Try yoga, meditation or take a walk outside. Find a cozy nook in your house and read a book or sip on a cup of tea. Focus your mind on something that soothes you for 10 minutes everyday. Stress causes your adrenal glands to make extra amounts of cortisol. High amounts of cortisol can damage brain cells.

Think twice before reaching for that second glass of wine.  One of the byproducts of ethanol reduces amounts of calcium in your brain, which your brain cells need in order to function. Small to moderate amounts of alcohol are safe and may protect against some diseases. But more than that can affect your memory.

Have you gone clean with your skincare and beauty regime? Now is the time!  A new study found that 400 different lipsticks contain lead. Lead can damage the neurons your brain. Lead is known to be a powerful neurotoxin. Your body does not excrete lead: it remains in your tissues. Researchers found that some brands had 275 times more lead than the lip balm with the least amount of lead. Many products contain 2 times as much lead as previously thought. No amount of lead is safe and the amount of lead in your lipstick can pose a serious risk to your health. How can you be safe from lead putting lead into your body? Look for beauty and skin care brands that are labeled organic, clean, and nontoxic.



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