Is Being Busy Your Badge of Honor?

It seems like busy is a badge of honor we wear with pride these days. “How’s your week been?” Busy. “How’s work?” Busy. “How’s life?” Busy.

But busy is a good thing… right? Busy doesn’t necessarily make us good or better, but often people see it that way and as such, give it a large significance in their lives. Within us all there’s a desire to live a life of meaning. Incessant busyness can be a façade. It can give a false sense of purpose as we exert ourselves on the hamster wheel.

The interesting thing too is when we are too busy being busy we actually miss the real point of life; to spend time with the ones we love and to live life joyfully. Basically, you can be busy doing lots of ‘good stuff’ but truly miss out on what’s most important in life.

Good questions to ask of yourself are;

-Had I been present in moments or just busy through them?

-Was sharing time with people I cared for important to me or was their always a more present task looming?

When we become so busy doing, we can forget about just ‘being’. You can recalibrate to being present over busy. A good step forward is to practice being present by being really be mindful in that very moment.

Another side-effect of being busy is our self-care wanes. In order to allow ourselves to replenish, we need a chance to rest. When we’re busy we have less time to activate our care. Oftentimes it isn’t a priority at all.

Practicing being present and mindful can easily start with prioritizing your own self-care. Maybe instead of that jam-packed weekend that follows your 60+ hour work week you instead take a step back, sit home, and practice some self-care and self-love. The La La Life box equips you with many of those tools to help you, from a body brush to enjoy before a long bath, to a nourishing face mask; even that dark chocolate you can slowly savor at the end of the night.  

Start somewhere in and in time you will really start to look forward to your moments of self-care as a time to decompress and relax from all that “busy”.