Essential Oils - What you need to know

Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy which is a form of alternative medicine by the most ancient civilizations!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, that retain the natural smell and flavor or essence of their source.
Inhaled or applied to the skin, essential oils act on your sense of smell to stimulate body and mind.

How to use them:

Applying essential oils directly to the skin without proper dilution increases the risk of adverse reactions significantly. Diluting with a carrier oil before applying to your skin prevents the essential oil from evaporating as fast as it would if not used with a carrier oil. When diluted with a carrier oil more of the essential oil’s therapeutic properties are able to absorb into your skin, it can be spread over a larger area, and you will use less essential oil overall.
Keeping safe use of essential oils in mind, always use the lowest dilution possible that gives you the effective results. They should not be eaten.

Different ways to use essential oils:

Aromatherapy is not the only way there are many different ways to use essential oils

1. Bath – add 5 drops of essential oil to 1 tbs vegetable oil, mix and then add to the tub of water.
2. dry body brush- use 3-4 drops essential oil added directly to natural bristle body brush. Brush skin in circular motion and towards the heart. This stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and exfoliates skin.
3. massage oil- use 15-20 drops of essential oil to 1 oz. carrier oil or lotion.
4. diffuser- You can have your house smell like a spa without the potentially irritating soot of a candle. Our Spring Box includes your own personal diffuser from Serene House. Adding 3-5 drops of essential oil will work to chill or perk you up.

There are many different essential oils here is a list of few and their benefits:

Peppermint refreshes the senses
Jasmine uplifts and relaxes
Rose helps improve mood
Lemon revitalizes and refreshes
Eucalyptus healing respiratory issues, improving skin and antiseptic properties.
*LAVENDER featuring in our spring box from Pranarom certified organic essential oils, is sourced from the farms in the French Alps. Pranarom USA essential oils are 100%  certified organic by the USA and ECOCERT.

Tip: Experts say for a more restful sleep pair with reflexology, which can also lower blood pressure and anxiety!

Mix 1-2 drops of lavender oil with 10 drops carrier oil (ex. Coconut oil) and rub on the soles of your feet.

For the first time use of an essential oil, a safe practice is to place a drop of diluted essential oil to a small area of skin , such as inside of the elbow. For 24 hours be aware of skin irritation, headache, dizziness or respiratory complaints.